Cabin Crew & Fire Training

CABIN CREW TRAINING – Currently not being offered

Our cabin crew training section is currently under development. If would like information about our cabin crew training please contact us

FIRE TRAINING – Currently not being offered

Cabin fires have the potential to be catastrophic with every airline facing multiple cabin fires in the coming years. This is simply the result of the increasing number of lithium-ion batteries we bring on board in smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, camera’s, drones, etc.

With AATC you can train procedures for various cabin-fire scenarios. You can train in a team-approach (Attacker-Buddy-Communicator) in a realistic and safe training environment

Scenarios include Oven fires, Overhead Bin fires, Laptop fires, Lavatory waste bin fires and Mobile Phone seat fires, cabin smoke and hidden fires with real flames, smoke and smells.